Glossary of Urethane Related Terms

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  • ADDITIVES – Materials combined with VIBRATHANE, and curative to modify the properties of the roll, such plasticizers, fillers, and stabilizers.

  • BASHORE RESILIENCE – An ASTM test (D-2632) for the rebound characteristics of the elastomer. High Bashore resilience generally implies low heat buildup in the roll when used at high speeds under high loads.

  • COLORANTS – Dyes or pigments that provide color to the roll compound.

  • COMPRESSION SET – The characteristic of the elastomer to remain permanently deformed after deforming forces are removed. VIBRATHANE roll prepolymers offer a low compression set for excellent dimensional stability in the roll.

  • CURATIVES – Materials that react with VIBRATHANE prepolymer to produce the final elastomer. Examples are TMP, TIPA, and Isonol 93.

  • DUROMETER – The hardness of the final elastomer, or the gauge used to measure the hardness. The Shore A scale (ASTM D-2240) is commonly used.

  • ELASTOMER – The solid rubber compound that constitutes the final roll cover.

  • FILLERS – Solids added to the roll compound, generally to improve its grinding characteristics or its physical properties.

  • HYDROLYTIC STABILZERS – Additives that extend the service life of roll compounds exposed heavily to water.

  • MODULUS – The stiffness of an elastomer, measured typically as the force required to stretch a strip of the elastomer to a given extent. Modulus is closely related to hardness.

  • MOLD RELEASE AGENT – A lubricant that prevents the roll surface from adhering to the mold.

  • POLYESTER – A chemical building block reacted with TDI to produce VIBRATHANE roll prepolymers. The polyester provides good solvent resistance and good mechanical properties in the final elastomer.

  • POLYETHER – A chemical building block used in place of polyester in some VIBRATHANE prepolymers, e.g., B-600 and B-615. The polyether provides outstanding resilience, and hydrolytic stability.

  • POLYMER – The solid polyurethane rubber produced from the chemical reaction of VIBRATHANE prepolymer with curative. The final roll compound often also contains additives such as plasticizer or filler that are dissolved or dispersed in the polyurethane polymer.

  • POLYURETHANE (URETHANE) – The polymer (rubber) prepared by reacting a polyisocyanate (VIBRATHANE prepolymer) with polyhydroxy-terminated compound (curative). The word Urethane can often be misspelled. Some incorrect spellings include: urithane, urathane, urothane, and eurothane. There is only one correct way to spell this word: URETHANE.

  • PRIMER (ADHESIVE) – Material that bonds the VIBRATHANE roll compound securely to the core of the roll.

  • TEAR STRENGTH (SPLIT STRENGTH) – A measure of the resistance of the elastomer to tear and gouging. This property is generally related to the resistance to abrasion.

Source: Uniroyal Chemical ®

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