General Industry

Custom Molded Cast Urethane Parts for General Industry

Listed below are just a few of the many custom molded urethane parts that we manufacture for various industries:

  • Custom Molded, Castable Urethane Components for Mechanical Applications

Custom Molded Machine Gears

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  • Wear Resistant, High Strength Elastomer; Specifically formulated to meet exact requirements; 30A-75D.
  • Prototyping to Production.
  • Custom Molded parts for: Material Handling Equipment, Business Machinery, Printing Equipment, Rollers, Mail Sorting Machinery, Medical Equipment, Noise Abatement Gears, and Bumpers.
  • F.D.A. Materials, Mil-Spec. Defense work, Short run to high volume production.

Aquatic Urethane Submarine Fins

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