Bottle Capping Machine Inserts and Liners

Bottle Capping Inserts

Applied Urethane is a leading supplier of bottling capping machine inserts and liners We carry, in stock, most popular sizes for most machines. Insert size from #1 to #110 If you need a different style, we can make that for you also. Most times without a tooling charge. We make specialized inserts for medicine , pump sprayers and your custom needs. We have special High precision urethanes to protect your caps with less dust.(better wear)45A, 60A, 70A, and 80A Hardnesses. Different plastic cap perform different with the various polyurethanes. Urethane helps to protect the caps. If you need the tires, a short tube, we can help there too. FDA compliant urethanes are available. The inserts and liners are used for cap tightening and uncapping.

Insert Size (Cap Size in mm) Price Each Outside Diameter 20% Discount (50-99 Units) 40% Discount (100 or more)
2 $3.65 0.56 $2.92 $2.19
3.5 $4.24 0.73 $3.40 $2.55
5 $4.24 0.73 $3.40 $2.55
10 $5.10 0.94 $4.08 $3.06
20 $5.46 1.28 $4.37 $3.27
20 (Medicine Style) $5.46 1.28 $4.37 $3.27
25 $5.76 1.49 $4.61 $3.45
26 $5.76 1.51 $4.61 $3.45
30 $6.38 1.68 $5.10 $3.83
31 $6.38 1.69 $5.10 $3.83
40 $7.30 1.99 $5.83 $4.38
50 $9.10 2.35 $7.28 $5.46
60 $9.10 2.69 $7.28 $5.46
61 $9.10 2.72 $7.28 $5.46
70 $9.72 3.11 $7.78 $5.83
75 $10.33 3.76 $8.26 $6.20
80 $11.00 3.81 $8.80 $6.60
90 $12.30 4.29 $9.84 $7.38
100 $13.78 5.57 $11.02 $8.26
110 $14.00 6.14 $11.20 $8.40
Capper Disc:
4" x 2" x 1/2" $11.58 40A to 90A $9.26 $6.95


Capper Drawing

45A Hardness, Green 45A is the softest, highest coefficient of friction urethane Used on hard to grip caps but typically wears faster.

60A Hardness, Clear 60A is the most popular polyurethane, about the hardness of a pencil eraser. Works best in most applications.

70A Hardness, Orange70A 70A is for heavy duty, high wear applications

80A Hardness, Blue This is the most durable urethane. It can be the best choice in some applications.

Choosing the right inserts and liners

Your chuck/ shell should have a number on it that corresponds with the numbers in the chart. #25 chuck uses a #25 insert, liner If there is not a number, measure the inside dimension of the chuck, shell. On the price chart, there is a column labeled outside dimension. The outside dimension of the insert, liner is slightly larger than the inside dimension of the chuck, shell.

If you have any questions, we are here to help.

$100. Minimum Contact Us


Applied Urethane also makes urethane parts for other types of packaging machinery We manufacture gripper pads, gripper tips, clamps, drive rollers, idler rollers, bearing covers, Quiet gears, drive rollers. Parts you want to work better and last longer.

60A Polyurethane, other hardnesses are available. 40% Discount for orders of 100 pieces or more of each part. 20% Discount for orders of 50 to 99 pieces of each part. Contact us for more information. Capper Insert sizes listed above are in the Industry Standard Cap Size of millimeters (mm).

Minimum of $100 per order is required.

Print Capper Inserts Chart For a printer friendly version of this price chart, please click here

Please click HERE for a Larger View. In the picture, you can see the various sizes of polyurethane bottle capping inserts that we produce measured against the scale of a 6 inch ruler:

We also specialize in production of Bottle Cap Clamps.

Bottle Cap Clamps
Bottle Cap Clamps

Please contact us for pricing with your measurements, and specifications if your the size is not listed on the table on the previous page.